i know this question has prolly been answered before but here it goes:
e.g. if i play a song that has a solo in G Mixolydian can i play all the modes of C major b/c G Mixolydian is in the key of C? it would make sense b/c all the notes of G Mixo. are the notes of C Major?
thanks for the help
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Quote by slayerfrk
yes cause your just starting on a diff note, its the same notes so it wont make a difference

Assuming you are talking about improvising/soloing, the answer is no.

They might be the same notes, but they'll sound the same and the context is the same, therefore you are not changing modes.

What defines the modes isn't just which set of notes you pick, but also the context (as in the chord progression).

If I was playing over a Dm vamp and picked the notes of the C major scale, I would be playing D dorian. Similarily, if I picked the notes of the F major scale, I would be plaing D Aeolian.
Under no circumstance can I start playing the same scale over the same chord and call it a different mode. The tonal center of the mode you're using will always be the same as the tonal center or root of whatever you are playing over.
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A mode is a set of intervals in relation to a root note. If your harmonic progression over which you are soloing establishes the G as the root note then all the notes of your scale will be heard in relation to this root. Hence playing all the notes of the C major scale over the progression will result in G Mixolydian. None of the other notes will sound like the root so you can't play any of the other relative modes of the C major scale.

Whatever notes you play they will sound in relation to the G note as that is the note you will naturally hear as the stable note which is at rest or feels like home.

So NO you can't play any of the other modes of the C major scale you will simply be playing G Mixolydian.