...and we were all brought back. battered
embittered. unhappier?/but:

together each other's bastion,
each other's breastplate, each other's bastard.
always such a.

in a lonesome education
autumnewingland listerining. gospel-reading.
thinking. oh, weak ends from hardtack means.

sleeping is sacramental
quietism, penance
reading the NYT, unction

creed: *sigh*
This is utterly baffling, but I shall return. Whether I say anything is another matter, but I will return.
I think it's wonderfully heartbreaking. If you're good at reading poetry you can read the emotional emphasis.

One of your better pieces because with the vague, and ambiguous wording it makes it so the reader can delve into how these were written instead of why.
i enjoyed this. i'm not going to offer any comment partly because i'm too lazy, but i read this carefully and as matt said above, i thought the ambiguities in your phrasing made it interesting; for me, i thought the punctuation and line breaks in the 'sleeping is...' section made for a particularly interesting passage and set of possibilities. so yeah. i'm not offering much in way of a crit, but its always nice to know people have read one's work and thought about it, so i'm just telling you i have.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
Man, the wordplay in that second stanza is excellent.

I don't really enjoy this trend of word-slash-word and random punctuation marks such as ">>" but I thought this was one of the better uses of it I've seen. I still think the poem would be better without it.

"autumnewingland" was interesting. I dig it. Cool to see you switching up styles like this. Much love brother.