I posted this in the bass guitar forum, but then I realized I would probably get a better response here.

So I just bought an Acoustic B200 amp, and I really enjoy it. There is one nob on it that I do not understand. It is the third nob from the left (in the picture), and says "frequency" above and "notch" below.


So I looked it up online and it says something about a -10db Notch filter.

I looked that up and it has something to do with reducing feedback but...

Can anyone explain?

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it means that if you can find the frequency that is causing your noise, you can take it out. a notch filter basicly looks like running your signal through something that does nothing most of the time, then cuts out a slim frequency range. i would assume it is a knob that you can turn, so its just a matter of finding the right frequency to dial out. if you are playing plugged in, then you may end up picking up hum from lights and other electrical equiptment. everything in the US runs at 60Hz (well, most things anyway), and the UK and Europe would be at 50Hz. if you turn that notch filter to this frequency, it should kill most of the noise that is coming from those electrical sources. however, not all feedback and noise comes at these frequenies, so it wont be perfect. thats kinda the basic idea behind notch filters for guitars though.
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this should help you get a better understanding (if you need any further)
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