So i was wondering about how you are supposed to hold the guitar while sitting down. I was always under the assumption that (if right handed) you rest it on the upper part of your right leg and tilt the guitar towards you. When my friends saw me play, one told me that my position was wrong. So what is the correct way to hold it?
well i just recently discovered for myself that sitting down while playing makes it a bit easyer for tension to accur. (for me anyway) and standing its extremly easy to stay relaxed with both hands. u should go to that and understand what relaxed feels like to you. i personly dont like the guitar being up there at my chest my picking hand doesnt like it. and sitting down i get cramps in my ribs..standing i dont (and no its not from slouching). and iv read that classical style position is closer to standing up then putting it on ur right leg. im prolly just weird for not licking to sit down when i play..and u might not should listin to me lol. but i feel that standing up is a natural postion for your guitar and you do need to know your comfort zone.
Hmm... i'll try standing up - though i;m going to have to attach that strap that came with my guitar :P It's wierd since i have to tie it around the top of the neck where the tuning pegs are since there's no "bolt" thingy like at the bottom.

Anyway, thanks for all your help guys - i think the best position then would probably be the most comfortable and easiest to play - in my case being the first reply showed.