so i always played the guitar while sitting on a chair or something like that, and i knew i had a strap but i didnt really care.
so a few days ago i tried it and its SO different.
like i basically need a bit of a restart, i can play the easier stuff but thats it.
so, am i doing something wrong or is that normal? any tips?
btw, im playing for a year now
how low do you have the guitar?
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get a vox earphone thingy so that you can play your metal riffs or whatever you play (they have 3 types of amp sims for 30 bux) and plug it in, and just start walking thru the house all day long with it and just keep working with your pose when your standing and walking thru the house.

I got one for christmas and i love it, it helps me with my playing, at night ill start playing at 2 in the morning in the basement with a robe on from the bathroom and run while soloing

for more helpful advice...

just keep practicing and standing. find different poses. when your in an awkward one, stay in it for like 30 minits so you get used to it and can do more with it. and keep tweaking with your strap length, and then do the 30 minit thing again
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ok il keep practicing then, and adjusting strap length sounds good actually :p
thanks guys
watch all the pros and see what they do. Eric Clapton hardly ever moves from the one spot, but he doesn;t look at the fretboard, which is amazing.
Then Jimmy Page, in his younger days moved around a helluva lot, (watch How Many More Times live at the Royal Albert), but only during the riffs, when soloing he stands still.

Basically, dont move around too much unless you know exactly what you are doing
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