so i learned White Summer/Black Mountainside by Led Zeppelin, a certain (better) version though, anyway. then re-learned Stairway using hybrid picking. dont frigin argue it, page almost always played it hybrid i know for a fact. but yea now that i leaned those 2 sweet ass songs, i dont know any other things that hybrid =/ everything i do find is like absolutely insane super chet atkins style stuff that no one would even hope to try and play besides the writer. dont know who chet atkins is, he is probably THE best fingerstyle guitarist ever to live ever. aaaaanyway, any suggestions? besides Zeppelin stuff, ill get to more soon enough =)
either people suck, or im the only one on UG that gives a crap about/can do hybrid picking, cause no one is responding lol...
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Practice the chet atkins songs slowly and Cliffs of dover in hybrid picked at parts by eric johnson.
now i can do from the intro up to the first main riff of cliffs of dover, but i dont remember there ever being any hybrid-able kind of stuff being in there. what part of the song is it?
also, im definately not looking for practice, this technique is no problem for me. i got dis hehe. im just looking for some fun stuff to play. and possibly melt some faces with of course.
oh frikin wow. ive been playing that hybrid picked part with just a pick for the -longest- time. im dumb, that makes so much more sense lol. well i guess thats kinda cool i can do it without.
anyway, any more songs that have some good hybrid picking stuff in it?