I got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for Christmas. The cleans are beautiful, and they make the amp more than worth it. The distortion is good for most purposes, but sometimes it really doesn't satisfy me, particularly when using my strat. it sounds too thin and cheap. I'd like to remedy this problem with a pedal, but I don't know what kind to get. Looking at my musical style, I don't plan getting heavier than Motörhead, but I play a fair bit of grunge and alternative, so I don't know. Any help would be appreciated.
Price range?

If your after an alt. rock or punkish sound you may like the ProCo Rat. I use my bandmate's a fair bit and you can get some very good sounds out of it (we play a lot of Muse, Radiohead, Modest Mouse esque stuff)

The standard for all purpose distortion that most would recommend is the EHX Big Muff, which is also an excellent pedal.

I'd try both of those as well as anything else someone suggests.
Also try bumping this during peak hours.
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Yeah, I think I might try out a Big Muff some time and see how I like it. Same with the Rat. Thanks
Pro Co Rat is a pretty nice pedal and so is the Big Muff... HOWEVER!!! The muff is a fuzz pedal. Try looking at some OD pedals too.
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The Rat is an excellent option. Also maybe try a Boss DS-1, it's a nice solid pedal too.
i play a strat through a HRD and understand what you are saying about needing a pedal. i use a boss mt2, it has a great distortion range plus equaliser. before i get shot down i would just say that there is a control knob for distortion level and it isn't obligatory to have it permanently cranked up to max. it will handle a good range which is what i like about it.
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Don't get a Rat unless its an older one, the new ones are crap quality wise. I'd look into the MXR Distortion III, maybe a Tubescreamer (though that might not be enough for what you're looking for)
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My TS-9 works great for blues, just about rock. I think pretty much any overdrive will sound good with a Hot Rod - apart from boutique 'transparent boost' type things.

Budget? It may be worth going up to something by Fulltone or blackstar etc if you're looking for something that's going to be your main dist tone.
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The Rat is an excellent option. Also maybe try a Boss DS-1, it's a nice solid pedal too.

My DS-1 leaves something to be desired on my Blues Junior, which is basically the smaller version of a hot rod deluxe. It just sounds thin and trebley, but I did like it alot on my solid state amps. I'd give a TS-9 a try
Do you know how to use your amps drive?

Turn your guitars volume down to 3, put the drive volume on a reasonable volume and "master", then turn it up on the guitar from there. Natural, nice overdrive. The drive on a HRD kicks the **** out of most pedals you just need to cook the damn thing so loud!
People should be told how to use tube amps at birth, to be honest.

I would recommend you go and try some pedals out through one at a shop.
I'm in the same situation as you, and I just posted a similar thread on GGA yesterday

Right now I have a DS-1 and it sounds great (specially combined with the amp's overdrive), but the pedal belongs to my brother, so I'm buying a Big Muff to replace it.

In my GGA thread they also reccomended the Big Muff with Tone Wicker. I checked some youtube demos of it, and it seems like a great pedal. I might go for that one if I find it.

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I've heard that the boss pedals drain tone when they're turned off, so that's kinda putting me off. The Big muff still seems like a nice choice though. I've tried a tubescreamer before, and although it's a nice sounding pedal, I can achieve similar distortion directly through the amp. Keep in mind that I mainly need a pedal to push a good distortion sound with my strat. My Les Paul sounds pretty sweet through the Deluxe.
crazy, i have the SAME problem. cept mine is with a hot rod deville 410: I have a ds-1, and its so flippin sterile i want to replace it with something. I want an overdrive pedal that is warm, can start with really little grit and go into really thick, but warm, rock range. The heaviest i'd play is like steve vai, and anything heavier really isn't needed, but i want range. You know if there is anything like that without being like the radial tonebone dist. (way too many options for me, i need something simpler)