Hi, name'es james, from jamesneedsband. anyway, i'm pretty close to getting some gigs over the holidays playing solo, but at the moment i only have a few songs plus some in between riffs to play. these are (songs)
Midnight- Joe satriani
Man Of Mystery- The Shadows
(possibly) Hey joe - hendrix, this is possibly coz i'll need to use a backing track otherwise it'll sound ****. and about 10 minutes of parts of music peices and songs.
i need songs to learn to play at a gig that will entertain and are at intermediate-advanced level, solo songs pelase. help. cheers
do you sing at all? and wheres your gig? this makes a big difference...if its a resteraunt and ur background music, you just want some chill songs
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Anything by Buckethead.
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