Can't really think of a good way to comprehensibly write this, but here I go. I love In Flames' music. So much that they made me take music more seriously. When i started playing guitar, i began with EADGBE and didn't really practice. When I heard them, I wanted to play LIKE them. But i'm really perplexed about the similarities/un-similarities of their "C Standard" tuning vs (I think) the American standard tuning. I hope this made sense, because i'm all sorts of confused about this.
I assume all they do is tune each one of their strings down three steps so E is now C. The strings are still in standard tuning relative to one another, but everything is three steps lower than normal.
American standard tuning

It's not... That is just general standard (to E).

Standard C is the same as E, except down 2 steps.
The similarity is the intervals between the strings. It's called standard tuning because the other strings are tuned to a standard degree from the root string, like so:

E Standard:
--5-5--5-4-5-- (semitones)

e is 5 semitones above B. B is 4 semitones above G. G is 5 semitones above D. D is 5 semitones above E. A is 5 semitones above E.

So from the lowest string, the steps go 5, 5, 5, 4, 5. Change the root string to C and recycle these intervals, and you've got C standard tuning.
Practice. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

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i take it next your going to tell me that Cb is a note too!
Yeah, In Flames most often use Standard C, which is C F Bb Eb G C - two steps/two whole tones/four semitones below Standard E tuning.

You can either use a tuner or as you would tune to drop D (7th fret against open A), use the 9th fret to get the low C, then check it using the low C string against 3rd fret of the A string. They will be an octave apart, so assuming your intonation is ok, play the 12th fret of the low C string against 3rd of A and you should get the C note.


Then tune the rest to the C as you would to standard.

Not all In Flames songs are standard C, unfortunately. Pallar Anders Visa is in drop B (B-F#-B-E-G#-C#) (Standard C# with lowest string down 1 step further); Acoustic Melody is in Standard Eb; Come Clarity is in Drop A#/Bb (A# - F - A# D# - G - C / Bb - F - Bb - Eb - G - C) to name a few,
but most are in standard C.

Have fun with In Flames.