hello! is it possible to get anything like the ...And Justice for all tone on my guitar amp and pedal, my amp is a piece of ****. its a 35 watt solid state laney but its all i got and i have a boss ds1. or if i can mod my amp to make it better im confident ripping it to pieces and changing things. cheers
Dean ML Much?
You tried just maxing out the gain on your amp, boosting your bass the treble and pulling your mids almost all the way? You could also those EQ settings using your DS-1 through your clean channel.
Yeah, turn your gain up on you amp. I got an ML-2 a couple of days ago and I was just playing Eye Of The Beholder with it and it sounded great, so I dont use my DS-1 as much for Metallica now. But if your using the DS-1 put distortion and tone both very high I guess.
...can i just ask why you want the tone of ...and justice for all? im mean, that thing was just a pile of layers of thinnish. But if you want some settings to it, go to the ultimate settings thread....then from the Metallica setting, put the bass near low