Hi guys. I've been looking for this guitar for a while now. I almost passed out when I saw Musicians friend selling it for 595 $ but as far as I now they don't ship Schecters outside the states. Thomann's prices are expensive and I can't find this in my home country (Finland). So could someone recommend me another store in the States which ships this guitar abroad. Thanks.
Drum City Guitar World (I think that's what it's called) does international shipping, 99% sure, see if they have one?
well sry. : D unfortunately Drum city guitar land doesn't have 'em. thanks anyway.
Ah okay. I thought they would, because I was going to order my Synyster Custom from them before I found one in Australia, and I figured that they'd surely have a Hellraiser if they had the Syn Custom. Oh well ^_^
Umm, forget that last one. They have had Batios and other guys clinics in their shop, they have MySpace and a YouTube account. I think that I can order my Hellraiser with no anxiety. (: