I just picked up a Pod xt yesterday(the red table-top version), for the primary purpose of using the unit with headphones. My amp is a Fender Champion 600, but it does not have a headphone jack, hence my reason for getting the Pod. I like using the amp models with the headphones, but for the effects, I would rather use my own (such as Hardwire OD pedal, wah pedal, danelectrico chorus...).

Would I run a cable from the guitar into the daisy chain of effects, then a cable from the chain of effects to the input of the Pod?,
Would I run the cable from the guitar into the input of the Pod, and then a cable from the output of the pod to the daisy chain, and then the other cord from the chain into the amp. If I did this, I would leave the amp off, and just use the headphone jack for sound.

I hope this all makes sense, and thanks for any info..

Also-What is a decent set of headphones to use? I have tried a nice pair of ear bud phones that I have, but I suppose a full over the ear style would be more appropriate, and sound better for something like this..
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I would imagine you would just put the effects in front of the pod. Basically treat the pod as an amp
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