This is my first post with UG. I am looking into buying a 2 x 12 tube combo amp for gigging. After 5 years of doing solo acoustic work, I have decided to form a band again. I play Hagstrom Guitars (an ultra swede and a viking deluxe). My budget is $600-700 right now. Have been looking at and researching several options including the Bugera 6260 and 333 and the Peavey Valveking 212. I have heard mixed reviews on all of those amps, so I would like to know of the three mentioned, which should I choose? I am searching for an amp that is versitile, but can consistantly give me that Soundgarden "Superunknown" or "Badmotorfinger" sound. Thanks and if tomorrow is the question rock is the answer!!
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I personally like the Valveking. It's probably the best tube amp in your budget (which happens to be my budget as well). I've actually never tried to get that specific tone, but I'm sure you can tweak the tone a bit and maybe add a pedal or something and get it.
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Id say look for used combos on ebay or craigslist or whatever that american site is. Used marshall combo's are good (JCM's) You may get a tremoverb/rectoverb (mesa) over there. Just keep looking till something takes your fancy id say. You'll get something better in the end.

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Either of those 2 amp you listed can get what you want. The Bugera's have better tone but have had some reliability issues (as most new amps do). I would find the Bugera Users Militia Tread and then find the Blogs that BeerChurch has writtin about these amps. If you feel comfortable that you can perform those mods before turning the amp on then I bet it would be a great amp for you. Can't speak to the warranty.

The Valveking needs a speaker replacement. I haven't replaced mine yet but those that have say it is a ten fold upgrade. Also, I wouldn't get the VK212. It is only slightly louder then the 112 and I don't think you need all that headroom for something like Soundgarden. Plus, replacing one speaker is cheaper then two and the 212 is a lot heavier.

BUT - If you give us your closest major city we can probably find an even better amp for you on craigslist.org

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Thanks for the responses thus far. Hopefully I will be able to do some more research before making the choice. I live in chapel hill, nc so raleigh would be the closest major city. I actually thought about the possibility of a Mesa Nomad 100 combo. Saw one at Daddy's Junkie Music...but it might be hit or miss spending the extra couple of hundred dollars on a used amp online that I won't be able to sample first. Again thanks and please keep responding...I want to make sure I make an informed decision.
That's the beauty of Craigslist. You try before you buy. Actually, you have some decent amps in your area that were posted recently. I'd go check some of these out. These are better amps at a lower cost. Pocket your savings for a speaker cabinet if you need it or new tubes or a tech to do a once over, whatever. Good Luck.

B52 Head $325 (If this is the AT series it would be worth a look/needs cab)

Traynor YCV40 $500 (also worth a look)

Peavey Classic 30 $350

Marshall JTM 30 $400 (ask someone about this one)

Marshall JCM2000 DSL $750
^what do you mean? The spam and the freaks? Yeah, you have to apply common sense. Craigslist is more or less user policed. It's a non-profit site so they can't afford fancy web tools and administrators. It's really no different then finding an amp in your newspapers classifieds and calling the person up to set a time to go see it.
I know, but still. An hours work with someone who knows just a little HTML would make it look so much nicer and more user friendly :P Ah well not that im bothered we never use it in the UK!
I am now thinking about just splurging for a 5150 head and matching it with a 2 x 12 cab. I have heard those babies can get just about any tone you'd like. Been monitoring a couple on ebay. The neighbors will hate me for this if it goes down!