I've just stumbled across an amp company here in England who make an 18-watt valve amp for £250. This seems a little cheap and their website looks absolutely rubbish (half of the pages don't even have real text or don't work). I don't know whether this looks like a good amp and something that's even worth £250, although it does look pretty solid.


EDIT: Here's a picture
it looks pretty nice. I would try and track one down to see it and maybe play it before deciding anything.
It could be a solid amp by a small company. I would not buy one before playing though
the only way to know if an amp is any good is to play it :-/ there's just no way around it. I wouldn't trust the gain though....
I've included a picture now for anyone who doesn't click the link. Shipping is stated to be £15 to mainland UK on the homepage too, which is very reasonable so that doesn't worry me.

I'll message the guy and ask if there's a way I can try it out.