The Electro-harmonix Small Stone or MXR Phase 90. Please give opinions because I don't have the ability to play them both.
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phase 90 for sure. best phaser on the market hands down. i have never been disappointed by my phase 90. they're built like tanks, and they last forever. i would highly recommend getting the phase 90. but don't fall for that EVH phase crap. the switch doesn't really do much. you just pay extra for a paint job.
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I like the Small Stone better. I feel that it can do more over-the-top sounds. Both are nice though. Play them and see what you like.
the small stone sounds more natural to me, very much like the trippy tape effects of the 1960s, while the phase 90 which seems kinda 1980s cheesey sounding (but still a really good phaser). so i think the small stone sounds better, unless you want cheese phase, but it also has a bit of a volume drop.
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I like the phase 90 the best. I played both and chose the phase 90. The small stone sounded too watery and weak. It did sound like it could do more over the top crazy stuff, but i like my phaser to be a simple add on to songs not crazy stuff.
Phase 90!!!!

It's an awesome pedal, but don't ever use the wrong adapter.

But seriously, it's great. (I have it!)
Makes any song sound interesting with a bit of phase thrown in.
And max it out and you get all the over-the-top you'll ever need.