when i play a pinch harmonic i dont really "pinch" the string between my thmub and pick, instead i let my 3rd and 4th fongers drag behind and lightly touch the string , is this the same thing? i seem to get the same effect..
Sounds like it to me. You're just using a different route to achieve the same effect.
not really drag behind its just a kind of flicky movement and my 3rd and 4th hit the string instead of thumb :P
Freepower, do you have any video lessons on pinch harmonics? Not being a metal guy, I have never been quite sure what sound they make. I watched some of your videos in your sig, mostly a review for me but I really enjoy your teaching style. I would've PMed, but others might be interested in the same.

EDIT ah, the sticky...disregard.
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Pinch harmonics rock, don't forget they can be applied to chords, sweeps, all sorts, for all kinds of pretty noises outside metal.