Hi I have a pv windsor half stack i've dumped the EL34s for a set of sovtec 6L6s i play a epi lp and a esp ltd lp style with some jackson pups in it im just a rhythm guitarist/ singer so getting a xxx or a boogie isnt an option please help the newbee thanx guys also any info on adder plus pups would be appreciated
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You can't put 6L6's in the Peavey Windsor without extensive modifications to the poweramp.
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Yeah, that OP was so annoying I didn't even read it all. I'm not a Windsor expert but I do believe the combo can do that (with the tubes) but not sure on head.

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311: The stack just uses EL34s

TS: One does not simply put 6L6s in a Windsor. Just leave the stock ones in, or try out other EL34 brands to see what you like. If you want thick and ballsy, I'd go for JJ EL34s. Now I haven't tried them personally, but if they're anything like JJ EL84s and 6L6, you're gonna want to pick up a set.
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