hey everyone its after christmas and now i have sum money i feel like treating my self to a good expression pedal and was wondering what i should get. now the two main contenders are a fender fuzz wah pedal which frankly it looks the balls and i have heard these things in the music shop i work in they are sweet plus they are only £100! but whilst talking bout this to a fellow worker they shew me the digitech ex-7 which for £60 more has alot more options. it is an expression pedal that hides its multi effects capabilty altho not as pretty as the fender this baby looks mean. i have not heard this and want sum opinions on it. i love the way it has distortion settings and amp modelling on it but am not sure if they are quality? also will this multi effects kill sustain like my crappy zoom gx-1? a third option again over the £100 mark is a good distortion pedal and a dunlop crybaby... now i know these are the classic wah BUT i have heard that the bypass is not a true sounding bypass and know that at the bass end of the scope its volume dies a little this can be rectified with a phase inductor (whatever the hell that is) but thats more money!!!!

sorry for the long read but i wanted to give you an idea on my position

please post your opinions!!!!!