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I felt a bit bored today so I decided to experiment with my recording gear. My Presonus Fire box has been sitting around for months due to it hating Vista, but I found some new drivers and so it seems to be working a bit better now - that recording is entitled Presonus 1. Everything had to be synced (it still doesn’t sound dead on) and amplified in Audacity, annoyingly.

I also had a mess around with my Micro BR just for a bit of comparison really. I started working on a little harmonic motif I’ve got going and then just started aimlessly jamming. That’s called Edgeways.

Any input (on the quality of recordings or music itself) would be great. C4C.
I really liked the Presonus one, sounds a bit like Mayer
I'm dancing in the moonlight
It's caught me in its spotlight
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

Martin D-28
I liked the presonus one. Has a bit of a meloncoly vibe going on. very sad indeed, but also a bit short. Was this just recorded straight into the BR yeah? Good tone for doing that, if so. I've had a bit of experience with it. Edgeways is good, but the electric guitar tone completely ruined it for me. It really killed the vibe and it wasn't really doing all that much anyway, just a few bends. In songs like this, I find personally in teh intros like you have here, vibe is more important than a multi melody mesh of sounds

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