Local treasures thread

I use the search button and nothing like this pop up, anyways ...

I just started to look around on craigslist, garagesales and pawnshops for equipment and im amaze of all the stuff I been able to find locally here.

So I’m just wondering what other have found and for what price

Here are mi finds
(op – Original price)

All my pedals
Digi whammy = 75$ op 199$
Big Muff = 20$ op around 70$
Ibanes tuner (new with box and instructions) = 20$ op around 60$
Boss FBM-1 = free with a 25 $ guitar op around 150$ < I don’t use this pedal soon will sell it back for 40$ or something

And I also got this :
150 albums of pure goodness for 20$

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i got a valveking 112 for $200 on craigslist.

At first i thought i was going to get scammed, then when i met the guy i saw that my mom could beat this kid up. Eh, if the VK turns out to break soon imma go kick the **** out of him, if only for that self esteem boost
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