Hello all!

I'm looking for a practical way to wire seperate effects pedals into seperate channels on my amp, for the purpose of combining effects switching with channel switching during songs. By practical, I mean avoiding chaining different effects into the different channels, so as to avoid a mess of cables, and to keep my rig tidy and easy to manage.

(EX: Chorus always on channel one (clean channel) through the effects loop, Distortion/overdrive and other modulation/time based effects in FRONT of the amp)

My thinking Is I'd like to have some effects in the loop, always on for switching to the "effected" channels, and other effects in front.

The problem with this is I don't know what types of bypass switching I would need to to do this, since if I switched to the clean, chorus channel, I'd also have to switch off the distortion pedal IN FRONT of the amp.

Does anyone know if the effects pedals can be run seperately into the external switching inputs pictured below? Or is there another system for having certain effects on/off when switching channels?

My amp is a Mesa Triple Rectifier (3 channel) Solo Custom head.

My effects pedalboard is thus:

Pehaps a pro pedalboard, like an SKB powered board has these sorts of switching solutions? Or some type of midi switcher? Please help!
Actually, I think I found an option that puts me on the right track - no help from members, hmmm.. I was checking out the Boss LS-2, and some other signal routing/switching devices and came up with a diagram that should work. With the Distortion/OD, flanger, phase shifter and Noise suppressor in loop b, I can have the chorus, and EQ in loop a - which in turn runs through the effects loop which is set to channel one on the triple recto.

Using the [amps] effects loop as a seperate switcher, the chorus and EQ will only be heard when I switch to channel one, my clean channel. With the LS-2 in a/b mix mode, I'll not be getting an entirely clean tone when switching to the clean channel, because of the "always on" distortion box, but that's okay - I use it as more of a boost with low settings (dist: 7:00, volume/boost: 12:00).

The cool thing about this solution, is that the LS-2 has some mixing function between the a/b loops.

I might be wrong, but isn't it better to put the tuner before all effects?
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Quote by Greenwood991
I might be wrong, but isn't it better to put the tuner before all effects?

Yeah...I thought so too...
Well, since the tuner is actually the first, and only pedal in the direct chain, it technically IS the first pedal (between the guitar, and amp)

This way, if I want to check tuning during a gig, it mutes everything - like it's supposed to. (I'm not running it in bypass mode - it's a Boss TU-2)

It doesn't matter if the tuner is before, or after the Line Selector in this case. And I mentioned the LS-2 would be in a/b mix mode in that diagram. If the tuner were in either loop, it would only mute the loop it's in when activated.

Just for kicks - what would you guys say is the first effect pedal in my current chain, based on the picture above?

Isn't science fun?
Well, the A/B, but if that doesn't count then the tuner I guess! It goes straight from the A/B to the tuner, doesn't it?
Actually, I have it all figured out now. I came up with a solution that runs all my modulation and time based effects in loop A in the Boss LS-2, and through the loop on my amp - with my tone based effects in loop B of the LS-2.

My plan is to be able to "prepare" effects before songs, and use the LS-2 switch for the appropriate in-song changes. I'll also be able to use the effects switch on my amps footswitch for further on/off control over the modulation effects that share a loop (A) with the LS-2.

Two daisy chains will supply power (seperately) to the modulation loop, and the "tone" (EQ, Dist, OD, etc...) loop.

The NS-2 will handle noise suppresion for the bypass/direct connection, as well as the the tone effects in loop B, and will serve as power supply for the tone effects, and for my connection from guitar, to amp.

The great thing here is the pedal layout forms a "hoop" with the cables, routing them away on both sides of the pedalboard and preserving a cable-free space to play live in.

Here's a diagram of how it will be wired up:

Quote by GNRjungle87
Well, the A/B, but if that doesn't count then the tuner I guess! It goes straight from the A/B to the tuner, doesn't it?

No - the first actual effect pedal in the photo above (not the diagram) would be the EQ. Followed by the Muff, chorus, flange, and phase. The last effect is the delay. I like how the send/return loop on the NS-2 works in this fashion.

Also, if you're not using this loop on your NS-2 to suppress noise, your not utilizing this pedal to its full potential. Sound quality is much better preserved this way - since my guitar actually only passes through the tuner, NS-2, and delay in this setup.

In the Diagram... hmmm... I guess the first effect pedal would be the Phase shifter in loop A