Well the guitar search is finally over... ended up getting a Epiphone Prophecy custom EX (emg's). (well it's on its way, its been ordered) Looks like i'll be broke for a while as it ran me like 1300 CDN with taxes in. But yeah, was really happy with the feel and sound of this guitar when I played one a couple weeks ago. Anyway, just felt the need to tell ya'll and I'll post some pics/sound clips sometime after it arrives!
Sadly to say itll be my mg50 or fender gdec for the first little while. i plan on getting a valveking or something of the like in a month or 2 when i can afford it without puttin me behind on other bills :/ ... somethin tube and half decent for the price.
So Its been 2 weeks and I'm still waiting on this guitar... turns out its on back order so its gonna be at least another few weeks.. fuk!! they did have the gx version though with the dirty finger pickups today at my music store and it wasn't to bad at all. I almost bought it out of impulse just because i got to play it and it was within my grasp unlike the EX I've been anxiously awaiting. however, i'm not a big fan of red and i'm still leaning toward the emg's because i play a lot of hard rock and metal. i still play some cleaner stuff but I think I can make do with the emg's for that too for the amount of clean stuff I play which really isnt a wholeeee lot. anyone have this guitar with the DF's and have also played the EX version? and how do you find them.
Congrats, I hope the guitar gets there soon and safely. The Prophecy series is sweet.
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