Alright so I have a boss PH-3 but have been thinking about replacing it with a MXR phase 90.

Why? because everyone seems to be trashing the PH-3 in favor of the phase 90 for its superiority

So I have a 100 dollar GC gift card. I buy either a DD-3 or a Phase 90 (to replace my PH-3).

What should I do? I would like opinions of people who have tried BOTH the PH-3 and Phase 90
I think the best way is to try it. You might just cash in the BOSS pedal, and find you don't like the Phase 90, and things. Which would of been a waste.

And how often do you use a phaser anyway? If you only use it once in a while, you might aswell get something that's more worthwhile to yer playing.
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i liked the EVH Phase 90 more than the regular block logo phase 90. didn't try a script logo one or anything, but those are also suppose to be good. The Boss DD-3 is a really solid pedal. what do you need more: delay or phaser?
i much prefer the boss, the phase 90 is too subtle for me

i also like the features of the boss, but if you want a more retro vintage style sound go for the mxr
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The PH-3 is pretty good, i was going for the phase 90 or the Small Stone but the guy at Music-go-Round showed me the Boss, its very versatile its like having a few diffrent phases in one. Id say you wont lose with the 90 or the PH-3
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