Well I'm thinking of joing my church band and playing the worship service on Sundays, and they play in all keys of music I guess you would say (A-G). So i started learning A major scale, B major scale, etc. Are those all the scales I need to know to improvise over these keys or are there others that can make it easier. because i'm having trouble remembering all of them.

learn the scale patterns, like ionian, dorian, etc. those are movable patterns, im assuming youre learning the open scales.
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I'm not 100% sure, but generally most scales are derived from the major or minor scale ...
Learn some simple arpeggios or sweeps too. Even just 3 string ones sound quite nice.

Don't need to be played fast. Just learn the shapes and work around them, maybe adding in notes (ie descending sweep and then add a scale run or a little bluesy bend or something).

It's all about practice really.
just learn all the positions of the pentatonic, i prefer using them to the traditional major/minor scales.

easiest way to improvise is to play random notes of the scale and emphasize the notes that sound right against the chords. also put the FeeLZ into your playing. bends, vibrato etc will do along with stupid faces.
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