Hello everyone. I need some help with identifying a bc rich model and eventually solving the mystery around the serial No. I bought this guitar cheap back in 1997, used but in good shape. The guitar is a strat-shaped, has an unusual floyd rose model and it has only neck locking (not present in the pics though), and has one humbucker and two single coils. So far I've found similarities with 2-3 bc rich models, the ST-III, Assassin and Gunslinger, but none of them match with this guitar exactly. On the headstock it says it's a Platinum series guitar, which I guess means it's a cheap model generally, but it has an expensive finish and and there is a TM next to the BC Rich logo on the headstock as well as on the neck plate, which as I read here should mean it was made in the USA, but on the headstock there is another sign - "licensed by bc rich" which makes me assume it's not an original item. The serial is completely strange - 16013. The pickups are bc rich not emg's, so according to this material narrows the factory date between 1986-1989. Before I post the pics, just wish to say that I'm not trying to make a big deal out of it, I know it is not a hidden treasure, I'm aware that this guitar is a basic model, just would like to find out what exact model it is It has only sentimental values to me, I played it on some great gigs and never let me down and it sounds pretty good actually. I live in the EU if that may help in any way. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!

email b.c. rich, looks as though its had some serious modifications to the finish, paint job, or whatever you wanna call that(yes i know i point out the obvious).
a lot of the platinum series guitars have been discontinued.
so yeah just email them
they'll hopefully answer
The finish is the original one ( I mean the red paint with the 80ties glamm metalish-bee-hive/tiger-stripes texture, it just has some stickers put on it. Thanks for the advice, I'll email the 'Riches
That's a 1990 ST-III, I have the same guitar, but in white.
They don't have any information, so you're pretty ****ed.
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Thanks, at least I've got the model confirmed. I was about to ask you for some pics of your bc but I found a pic in your profile. Is your serial number uncommon too, and what is exactly written on your headstock up next to the bc rich logo?
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