Where I could Get A song Minus the guitar leaving only lyrics, drums, and bass? I want to do a cover of seize the day, and If I didn't have Those it would just be me strumming chords for like a minute every now and then... Anyone know anything about stuff like that?
Use adobe audition and you can remove stuff on your own
Use guitar pro and you can remove stuff on your own
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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audio is all mixed down, your best bet would be to get your hands on MIDI files of the songs and run them though your own sequencers taking out any of the tracks (instruments) you dont want in the final audio mixdown.
I hear the JamVox software thing is pretty good for that... havent tried it though so dont take my word for it
Depends. If you know your way round a multitrack recorder, there are plenty of master tapes available out there...especially now with the advent of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

I've just spent a happy half-hour remixing Bohemian Rhapsody.. great fun.