Basically i'm on the lookout for a new guitar, doesnt matter if its acoustic or electric! I Just wanna see what people have got to offer in the uk and at what price.

Anyone got a lefty for sale? maybe a strat if i was to go electric and i'm open to all with regards to the acoustic.

Its so hard to find a decent lefty at a good price
ok i got a good nice cheap brunswick left handed acoustic for sale, its yours for £25 plus the shipping

i also have a really old strat thats terrible, missing bits and is in a state of wild disrepair, but i doubt you want that
thanks for the quick reply, i dont think the brunswick would be an upgrade from my current guitar so i'll have to give that one a miss thanks. how bads the strat?
i have a lefty yamaha pacifica that i bought because it has a seymour duncan JB in it. i ended up taking it apart so it is in bits but it was playable before i exploded it. all parts there. light wood coloured body and a maple neck. H/S/S config with the H a SD JB and a rail type pup in the middle.

ill take £100 for it as its in parts or ill build it up for £125

and then postage on top unless you can collect from wolverhampton...
Thank you please.