Hey all,

Really want a Dean V in the next month or so but having trouble finding somewhere with a good selection in the UK. America seems to be awash with them whereas we have next to nothing!

Anyways, if anyone can point me in the direction of a shop/site that is UK based with a good selection of Dean V's it would be most appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year
Either GAK or GuitarGuitar.
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guitarguitar.com i think its better then GAK because the staff in the guitarguitar in glasgow are rely kind and know what there talkin about
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Simply Music in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.....not a bad place to buy one and the guys know what they are talking about well all but one but still....they own the site music street and can help you 1200%
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1200 % sounds good to me!
I wasn't that impressed with Gaks showing of Deans...too much bloody dimebag ****e for me.
The Guitar Shop in Liverpool gets a lot of Deans in from time to time. They're run by 'Dolphin Music', which is rapidly becoming one of the biggest online music places in the UK. I imagine they'll have them, if GAK don't.