After recently blowing my very old tiny fender champ, I have been researching new amps. I definatley want another tube and 50 or above watts. My budget is $600 max. I mainly play bluesy-rock. I also like to play late 60's stuff with a lot of fuzz and wah. I jam alot with drums & bass (loud!!). I want an amp with really good cleans too. B-52 looks like it has good cleans and power but the Vypyr has all the cool effects. I cant decide?? Other amps suggestions will be appreciated too!
if you want cleans, get a fender amp

and why would you ever need 50+ watts of tube power?

i gig with 15 watts
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id say go for the B-52 if you are gigging
but the vypyr is great too
if you want to start your own pedal collection id say go for the b-52
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get a used fender hot rod deluxe or deville or a used fender bassman 412 reissue.
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well im def not getting a b-52 or vypyr... Probably Peavey Classic 50... Going to guitar center soon to try um out first.

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