Hi, my low e,a, and d string are too loose and they rattle for about 10 seconds but low e goes for about 13 seconds. How do i tighten them while keeping them in tune? Sorry for not much detail i have to go get a haircut now.

Edit: K, i got bak from getting my haircut now I can tell you more. It is a pretty new guitar, 1 month old and it is a Fender Stratocaster the one that comes with the pack with the amp and stuff, its the cheap $250 one. The d string rattles for about 6 secs, a for 8 secs, and low e for about 12 secs.
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Are the strings new? IF they are be patient and let em stretch, keep tuning em, if nut you must tigthen the nut or something

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adjust the action, they may be too low, but you said loose, so I am at a loss. (I suck in this field of expertise)
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