There are so many contributing factors to their sounds, depending on where you want to sound like them.

For Flea, you'll need the following - A Wal Mach 2, An Alembic Epic, A Stringray, A 1960's Fender Jazz Bass and a Modulus Flea with Lane Poors. All into at least a GK 1001RB (I think, could be wrong) and an OBD-3, a Mutron, an AW-3... various pedals.

Take a look at the Muse wikia to see what basses/effects Chris uses. Far too many to count.
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There is an officialy tone thread. It are pretty alot of pages so Chris is probably between. And he uses a Big Muff and an AKAI Deep Impact, to get the TIRO and a double muff for hysteria...

TIRO is actually done on a synth, not bass. It's impossible to get the exact tone from a bass.
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In short, amp settings are meaningless without taking into account every other tone altering factor between fingers, bass, amp, speakers and environment.
You're not gonna get their exact tone with just some amp settings and pedals. You need their technique and environment, as said above. Example. I'll set my Eq and it'll rock in my bedroom, but I'll haul the amp to church and it'll sound like ass in the big room. Make sense?
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