I have a schecter c-1 fr and am looking for a new amp. Price range is $200-$350. Looking for SS, maybe a tube amp (I know the diffrence in tone and sound between them) sort of looking at line six spider 3 in the 75w to 120w range
dont get a spider 3. look at the B-52 AT112, with the massive price drop on them, you'll only need to stretch your budget 10 bucks.

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genre you play ?
any specific bands?
are you gigging??
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Peavey Vypr, it is GREAT and exactly in that range, and everyone here will tell you to stay away from Spiders. Just make sure you try stuff before you buy it.
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guitar center has fender super champs and vibro champs on sale right now , 269 and 259 respectively. I've have it for like a week not seems to be a solid amp. the only catch is that it doesn't have a headphone jack so keep that in mind.
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