Can anyone advise me on the quality of the tremolo and the tuners on the pacifica 112v.

i'm not too sure about them and other people have advised best to change them asap.

any ideas on why there seems to be a bit of vibration when i strum unplugged?

also when i'm using my pedal tuner i'm getting a slight buzz from the pacifica which i dont get from my other guitars. is this a problem with the input socket?
i don't own a pacifica, but considering its price, i'm guessing:

the tuners are probably ok, but if you use the trem a lot, upgrading to locking tuners probably wouldn't hurt.

the trem could probably use a better sustain block, maybe even a whole better trem unit. big problem is, the yamaha trem might have funny dimensions and other better trems might not be a direct swap (i seem to remember that from a Guitarist magazine article about pimp my pacifica).

upgrading pickups and electronics would generally be a good idea on a cheaper guitar. you just want to be careful that you don't end up spending more than the guitar is worth...

not too sure about the vibration, it could be several things...
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