I'm looking for a good cab to match with a Peavey Classic 30 head.

Does anyone know about this cabinet? It has Blue Marvel speakers, which I have not heard of.


I have also considered the Avatar 2x12 w/ one greenback and one vintage 30, but these two would come to nearly the same price.
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I've heard some good things about Peavey's speakers, and since they've mastered PA, Mixers, Amps and Instruments, I find it easy to believe the speakers in that cabinet will be great. I'd still get the Avatar, though. You never NEED 4 speakers, it just takes up more room and is harder to move around.
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definitely get an avatar 212 with 2 vintage 30s. Don't mix speakers in a 212. the only time you mix is when you to top/bottom or X formation.
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Blue marvels are so-so.
I'd go for the avatar.
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Alright. Thank you everyone for the replies.

I have heard about vintage 30's being ice-picky. Why are they so admired?
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison