Ok, some background.

I live near Switzerland, but as I have family in England, I spend quite a bit of time in London. Because I want to take advantage of the cheaper prices over here, I decided to get my acoustic in a London-based music store.

Budget is around £200, hopefully including accesories. I'm looking for an electroacoustic, but I don't mind dropping the electro part. As for models, I'm not that bothered.

The original plan was to buy a guitar and carry it back with me on the plane. But we're flying EasyJet, so to do that I would have to check it in and buy myself a hard case.

Alternative options are ordering it off thomann or codamusic, or buying the guitar back home, despite the higher cost.

Right now, I'm favouring thomann, probably an Epiphone DR-100.

Any recommendations? Help?
I have a Washburn acoustic that I started out on. It hasn't let me down yet, cheap but decent quality. Very good for the price.
Check out the "Best guitars under $300" thread. It's stickied at the top of the forum.