coordinate jaundices, a yellow
stomach/which way did he go?
yosemite canyons, giant pillarghs
when in what crevice did he clause
the coast, our pregnant cloud of
impartial _____: Westerburgers
at the convenience of our practical
selves, drive-thru! drive-thru:
"in the morning (more lyrics to follow)"

so he left us betting on our afterlives,
or his at least,
Oprah or Ellen/
Maury or Springer/
Leno or Letterman/
O'Brien or Ferguson;
we died and gone to the taping
of Kimmel, I was pissed.

back to reality we spoke between
rotten meat/meet and in our
artifice we claimed each other's
hands in an attempt to make
soda tornadoes (technically hurricanes)
CURSE I was born with one,
where at every midnight full moon, my penis turns
into a peniswolf and ravages whatever
hole it can find. TOO BAD I SAY

I go to bed at 11:30 and I don't wake up until it's over,
maybe that's why I can't remember anything.
"we died and gone to the taping
of Kimmel, I was pissed."

The tenses are off here. "We died and gone" especially. The first stanza had some great consenance and alliteration.

I'm really getting ****ing sick of this word slash word junk, man.

Either way, I don't think this is one of your more memorable poems by any means, but it was definitely enjoyable and well-written.