Well yesterday me and my dad were playing guitar and well he brought up that I deserve a new guitar so details:
Age/Gender: 14/Female (haha)
Budget: $800 to about $1,200
I play: EVERYTHING (Slayer,Tokio Hotel, Cannibal Corpse,Paramore)
ehh so help me out?
first of all, dont double post, edit ur first post instead. m'kay?

second, id look into some ibanez. try to find something with a tiny neck, because, not trying to be sexist or anything, but girls usually have really small hands

edit: TS, ur friends with my brother? hes a douchebag

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Schecter C-1+, it makes me happy through a decent amp.
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+1 to Ibanez. You might also look into some Schecter's. They don't have tiny necks like Ibanez but are smaller than a lot of other guitars.
jackson rr3....

edit: read past slayer....nevermind.....schecter C1 Hellraiser, Jackson Dinky or Jackson Soloist...

edit#2: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Music-instruments/Instruments/Guitar-bass/Electric-guitars/auction-194383533.htm
get this....
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Ibanez or LP , or the best thing it to go to the music store and try the first gutar that you think its something special.Or get something that's similar to your favorit gutarist.
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Hmm, did you really need to include your gender? I understand the age part though.

Tip 1: Stay away from 7-strings, get a six string. You won't really be able to or even WANT to use the seventh string until you are decently experienced and/or have become an active musician.

Tip 2: Do you want a tremolo? They are VERY high maintenancee But they are Very fun to use.

Tip 3: When all is said and done, as said above, look at Ibanez. They are supposed to be very versatile guitars, and with a budget like that, you can get an awesome S Prestige with a ZR trem and three DiMarzio pickups. In my opinion though, Ibanez guitars (Even RG Prestige Series) do not SOUND that great for metal, just listening to other people play them.
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what's your current guitar and amp?
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