now, as title says im converting an old strat to be a baritone guitar in A, as i want to gt as close to the sound of the Fender Bass VI
iv ordered the heaviest ernie balls i could (0.12-0.56 i thnk) and was just wondering is puting these on all i need to do ????
and has anbody else out there done this before?
Make sure you get the truss rod adjusted to accommodate the new tension.
i'm sure baritone guitars have a longer scale length than usual guitars, although saying that fender guitars have longer scale length than most guitars.

EDIT: that was no help at all, so i found some links for you:

a larger scale length would allow you to tune lower without the strings slacking as much as on a 'usual' guitar.
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cheers for links makes sense relli i spose, i was also wondering, wud it work putting fender bass vi strings on said old guitar, cuz i relli love tht bass bt dnt have £5000 :/ thnks
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another gd point i shall search aroundfor a replacment bass vi bridge thn (Y)

You cant just make a guitar a bass. Basses have thicker strings. Therefor they need a thicker fretboard so strings arent so close. It wont work pal. Because also for bass strings you'll need bass machine heads