Hi, i'm currently in the market for a new amp. I'd really like it to be tube because i like the sound of it, but i've been told that tube amps need to be turned to loud for the valves to "saturate". I can't play too loud due to my neighbours, thin walls etc, so i thought that a modelling ss amp could do the trick.
So, how loud a small tube amp must be turned to sound good(i'm thinking around 5W, like a Blackheart, Crate V5 or similar)?How does the volume control on the guitar change the sound when the amp is turned loud(i still don't get from where amps without gain knobs get gain)? Are modelling amps really able to imitate tubes well at low loudness? Finally, which tube amps do You recommend (around 5W) and which modelling ones?I've heard good stuff about Rolands and Valvetronix.
I can spend around 250-320$.
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Crate + an overdrive sounds best to me. With the extra money you can buy a good tubes and a noise gate
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I have a Fender Champion 600 and I'm pretty happy with it. Living in an apartment, I have to watch my volume, and this was perfect for me. The clean tone was what I was looking for, and was the main selling point for me. I still play it at low levels, and don't have a problem with the sound. It also takes to pedals quite nicely as well, with my Hardwire OverDrive being my favorite. With only a little volume from the amp, and and the OD pedal on, I can get some nice 'crunch' to come out sound-wise.
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Look into the Fender Vibro Champ
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yah Hardwires sound best trough clean amps in my opinion.

It just gives me a guitargasm.

To bad i dont have nicer amp to put it trough instead of my crate V18.
theres not much point getting a small tube amp... since you can get more or less the same sound with a modelling amp, plus tube amps are only worth it if you're rich