I am selling my Ibanez RGT42 because I don't really like the FR bridge, I play drop tunings and can't really afford to have it set up for only one tuning right now, as I play so many different ones. I need a guitar for hard rock/metal/shred that has a fixed bridge, or one that is not a FR. The idea is that I am trying to have one guitar for hard rock/metal and one for jazz/funk playing (my Godin SD). Any suggestions as to a guitar or company I should check out? My price range is between $500-700, and I'm probably looking to buy new.

Thanks for your advice!!!
There's many good guitars, I'd pick a Schecter Hellraiser but that's just my opinion.
Well, if you want to keep with Ibanez maybe an SZ would suit you. I have one and it's beautiful to play. You can get a fairly wide variety of tones from it too.
get an ESP LTD...u can get a great mahogany guitar w/ EMGs and gotoh tuners and everything else for like 600. If u want a great tremolo, get an m400... if not, get an EC 400VF or a viper 400