My guitar currently has 2 passive pick-ups (B.C. Rich BDSM Humbuckers). I'm going to install a Seymour Duncan Blackout in the bridge position but leave the neck pickup as it is.
I've read around a bit and, as I understand it, they cannot share the same controls? What kind of problems would that present?

My guitar has 2 volume controls, 1 tone control and one 3 way switch.
I figure I can leave the neck volume control alone but as the pickups have a shared tone control I would need to install some kind of push/pull system. Would that work?

I've never switched pickups before and this is starting to look more complicated the more I look into it, would you reccomend I get a guitar tech to do it?
How fast would a guitar tech be able to perform that kind of thing? I don't want to be guitar-less for any long period of time.
How much would that cost? Would it cost more because of my desire to keep the passive pickup in? If so would it be cheaper to just switch the neck pickup to an active aswell?

I hope you can read that, and thanks for any help you can give me
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You would need to make the tone control for one pickup or the other. And you probably wouldnt want both pickups at once. Or just put a set in and be done with it.