The most basic woodworking tools will do, but, the more you spend on tools the easier each individual job becomes.

I built an archtop with a small hand plane & a chisel a handsaw & plenty of sandpaper & even more patients. I had ZERO woodworking experiance when i started.


This plane did nearly all the shaping.

My blanc getting carved out with only a chisel

Neck gewtting shaped with small plane

shaping almost done


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The ierarhy is something in the lines of:

Cutting the body: cnc router > band saw > jig-saw > hand saw
Cutting a cavity: router > chisel > dremel.

It all depends on the speed you need , with a cnc router you can get a guitar body cut in a few minutes , with a hand saw it might take days.

If you have no tools what-so-ever , and have a small budget I'd sugest trying to buy a band-saw , if you can't find one buy a jig-saw.