So yeah. I got a ticket about November 2nd for driving other people around with a provisional license. On the back of the ticket it says I can pay the fine and not have to go to court or whatever. I call the place to pay but they say they don't have my ticket in their computer system and that the ticket should be in their system in 4-6 weeks. We're just about in the 8th week now, and it still isn't in. The court date is on the 30th. What the hell am I supposed to do? Just go to court even though they still don't have my ticket in their system? I've known cases where people have had bigger charges and then the day before or the morning of their court date they got a call that said don't come, pay this fine, or something like that. But yeah. I don't know whats gonna happen.

Anyone had any similar experiences?


I tried to pay a fine to avoid a court date but they still don't have the ticket in their system and the court date is in two days. What do I do?
I guess do the only thing you really can do. Expect to show up for court. You'll end up just paying the fine at the courthouse. Hey, maybe you'll even get lucky and they still wont have your charge in their system when you show up, so the judge may just drop it all together.
dont go what are they gonna do send you to san quentin? i had a charge recently and there was a mix up..we arent gonna help out the cops haha
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My buddy had a similar experience. He got a ticket and weeks later recieved a letter in the mail telling him when to appear at the court house to pay the fine.

So he sat in line for a very long time, got to the registrar. After she messed with the computer and had a dumbfounded look on her face for five minutes she proceeds to tell my friend that even though he recieved paperwork that his ticket was not in the system and that it had not been fully processed. Keep in mind this was 4-6 weeks after getting the ticket.

Judicial branch. FTW.

And you should appear at court. Even though it might be all for nothing.
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You should go anyway and admit you were in the wrong. You'll probably get the points/fine reduced. I got a speeding ticket last August and unfortunately was moving out of state before the court date.