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Hi all, just uploaded another MP3 of a song in my profile, and like the title says, it's influenced a little bit by Insomnium, and has a little bit of a core side to it. I submitted a GP5 tab for it in the tabs section of the forums, and the lyrics are floating around in the S+L forums somewhere.

But anyways, it's a rough demo with plenty of fudges, I just need some advice on how to make things flow smoother, and general thoughts and opinions are always welcome

C4C, of course

Thanks in advance

Well, that was my original post. The problem I had with my original recording was that I did it in one night, and I didn't spend very much time EQing or editing at all. There were also horrible timing issues.

But I've fixed a lot of it, and it sounds much better this time around. I took some of the acoustics out and replaced them with clean guitars, in other places I layerd acoustics and cleans, and in some other places I just left the acoustics. Everything was completely redone, and there aren't as much (if any) timing issues. The electric guitars use a different tone this time, and I spent more time EQing, so it doesn't sound so muddy anymore.

I would like some suggestions as to how to make the transitions between the heavy parts and the soft parts a lot smoother. I love the way Insomnium does it, but whenever it comes to my own writing I can't really pull it off.

Like always, thanks in advance, and C4C, of course.
pretty good

didn't hear much insomnium in it though
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It was mainly in the acoustics, the heavier parts were more metalcore influenced.

For instance, if you take the acoustic interlude from the second verse, I tried to make it sound like the pre-chorus in Insomnium's Daughter of the Moon, where Niilo says "Vanished is the light we had..."

But thanks
iam not familiar with the song you are refering to but i really liked what you had done. The quality was pretty good too. I actually listened to a few of your songs pretty good stuff mate