The first one was pretty cool, at times it sounded like one of your strings was out of tune though. The intro was very nice, it reminded me of something I had heard before, and it did sound quite haunting and depressing. The outtro was really good as well.

The second one is also quite good, a very dark eerie feel to it. Although it felt like it kinda lost structure towards the end.

Overall, some good ideas here, you're good at creating a dark atmosphere with your guitar.

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haunting - Very very VERY good guitar work, but my god could you have put more reverb on it? ! The melodies in themselves are very good. A little off scale at points, but it works for it. You should try and use a bit more counter melodies in songs like this to add a bit more variety. At least that's how I feel about the piece.

Distant Miasma - again, kill the reverb a llittle bit! Let us hear the melodies properly! This has more of a classical feel, but again, use your thumb to chang the bass notes and get a bit of variety so the piece can be lifted up a bit, or alternatively, record another guitar over it.

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I'll be honest i rarely will listen to a recording all the way through on these forums but I thougth the first one was kind of cool and I listened to the entire thing. I really liked it. Classical guitar sounds really good over piano or synth you can mix some sounds in later on. I could totally see this being the entrance to a movie or something though.

I just recorded this yesterday
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jetfuel495 - Thanks for the comments. It wouldnt suprise me if one of the strings had popped outta tune mid play as the guitar is very old and one of the tuners broke so i temp replaced it with a madolin tuner head which isnt exactly right

gallagher2006 - thanks for the comments. I intend to re-record all of this with less reverb and some slight alterations. I tend to record off the cuff and then tab it out and go from there. So its deffo a work in progress

silentdud - Thanks for the comments. I actually have recently been messing around with synths on a few of my other stuff. Its trickey because im a horrible keyboard player but for simple effects i can handle. Will try it out on some of these pieces and see what i get

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your guitar sounds out of tune in both one too much reverb mate some decent melodies interesting ideas but way too sparse with the accompaniment especially in the first one. it meanders around too much - lack of direction. think about form more - focus on the thing as a whole instead of just wandering around with melodies that don't really build or take you anywhere. keep hacking away at it.

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Serves its name right haha, sounds really cool. Kinda sounds like a eiry rendition of Scarborough fair. The ending was very nice, i would've liked to hear more of that through out the piece. very nice though.

distant Misma
first of all, cool camera effect. But i think that this piece could song better sped up a little, also let up on the reverb a bit. Very good piece aswell

crit mine?

also if have the time check out the link in the sig
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