The sun rises on a summer morning, how does it happen?
The leaves fall in autumn, yet the trees live on.
In winter the lakes freeze over, and snow falls.
In spring life starts up again. Why?

In life we are faced with questions,
the questions often are strange.
Simple questions yield to complex answers.

Everyday we wake in our beds.
What motivates us to live?
Everyday we confine ourselves with rules and laws.
Why do we do this?

In life we are faced with choices,
you can either run away, or you can stay
Yes or no? Have you decided yet?

I like the part where God comes in.
It may be true, it could be lies.
But it gives us hope and it give us fear.
It tells us what we're doing here.

Its hard to imagine an eternity, an infinity.
But its hard to think of the darkness of nothing.
What comes after death? Do we live again or do we sleep?
Seems like such a simple question, yet I know there's a complex answer.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
i really like this song because it relates to the way i write my lyrics and subjects of that matter. good job crit 4 crit