Hello there, I have just recently been absorbed by the power of jazz fusion. This is a great song, and sounds like fun to play. If anyone either knows where an accurate tab of this is, or can tab it by ear, please let me know. Thanks in advance

EDIT: I'm quite new to this tab request, and I forgot the video link; here it is: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=cxWWOs5Y2Cg

EDIT Again: It would be greatly appreciated just to have the intro tabbed out, because the song is quite long
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The song is about 15min. So, all I need tabbed would be that first intro piece which is about 10 seconds. Also the video shows the guitarist playing the riff, I just can't tell what he's doing, when someone else probably can.
I'm Luke.
Please, can someone help me out here, I'm pretty sure it will only take like 5min. at the most. I just don't know how to tab by ear. If anyone would like to suggest some ways to tab by ear, or a program that can do it, please go ahead and do it.
I'm Luke.

Is that the repeating riff you were talking about?
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