The song is in the myspace in my sig

Does us a massive favour and add the page if you like the song, I could do with a few adds =[

This song has been demoed about 3 times but I think I'm happiest with this one. The keyboard line is from the last demo, as I sold the keyboard that made the sound to a friend and couldn't find the setting on my new yamaha one. I tried to create a mood with this one, so I'm hoping you can tell what the mood is supposed to be. Also, the guitar and vocals were recorded at the same time(with different mics obv), so there might be a little bit of bleed through on the echo channel, please try to ignore =]

I'll crit anything, I have a generally wide spectrum when it comes to genres, so hit me with what you got bitches

Thanks =D
it wouldnt play so i listened to the 2nd song on myspace you sound a lot like smashing pumpkins well thats what it reminded me of. Good stuff
Well recorded, I dig that delay on your voice you throw in every once in a while too, I'm definately gonna be checking back for new stuff...
Only crit i can think of is in few and far between times the two guitars sound a little out of time with eachother.. but nothing really getting in the way of the song

Cheers for the crit, Ive got ya on myspace now, I like your sound
Really Cool sound, and good recording. The crit i can make is that in between the verses in the two guitar parts or whatever the clicking in the backround, seem a little out of time sometimes. and also the vocals are very good but sometimes it sounds like they get a little flat. also it sounds like the Synth in the backround is slightly too loud. Otherwise the song is really great, great sound, great job.

crit mine?
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Oh man, I really like "The Lights"

Light up a joint to that song man, you might lose yourself.

Anyway, on a more constructive note, lol

Sometime's the guitar would go out of tune, and the vocals would sometimes go outta pitch, but that doesn't really bother the song itself, but just some things that can be improved.

Sent you a request on myspace

C4C would be nice
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Yeah, the clicking i nthe background is actually handclaps that I layered slightly out of time to give a fuller more delayed sound. I'll probably turn them up in a later revision of the song, and set them to a metrenome to make sure their in time

THanks everyone =]
Sounded pretty damn good. I liked the lyrics. Might end up sounding cheesy but I'd like to hear some vocal harmonies in there! Sometimes I felt the chords over-powered the occassional guitar melody. But overall, I thought it was an excellent laid-back piece.