My uncle got a strat about 10 years ago, lent it to a death metal player for 5 years, then let me have it. I've been playing this POS for a little bit, but I finally decided to mod it in order to get a bit of practice for my build. I plan on keepingf the mod under $50 though.

I opened it up because i decided to put humbucker on the neck (for rhythm work) and lo and behold, a wire is drilled through the body to the back, where it is soldered to the tremolo set up on the back. What is that?>
thats usually where the ground is for strats
skylerb is right
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Alright, step one is complete. New pickup is in. I Messed up while cutting it, so I just sharpied the crap out of it. Those stickers where there before me.
Oh, and like the black pickup covers? cost me less than 99 cents..in the form of a sharpie.
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Hahaha dude that's sweet.
I had a similar idea to this a while ago.
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