I was looking at the solo for "Fall to pieces" and i was wondering what the tab meant when it said something like 12b14, and how do you do that. What do you do when the tab signals 12r11 or something along those lines.

Fret the note at the 12th fret.

Pluck the string.

Bend the string with your fretting finger until the pitch reaches that of the 14th fret on that string.

12r11 is when you've bent up from the 11th to 12th, play that note, then release the bend back down to the pitch of the 11th fret.
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so in order to do the 12b14 you have to know what pitch the 14th fret has?

12b14 is a common whole step bend. You are bending the pitch at the 12th fret up one whole step to equal the pitch at the 14th (remember, each fret is a half step). To answer your question, yes you do but it's not as hard as it sounds. Just play the 14th fret and then try to get the same pitch by bending the 12th fret. Or just listen to the recording and bend the 12th fret until your pitch is the same as Slash's. Eventually youll develop muscle memory for the distance and an ear for what a full bend should sound like.
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